Your Live Escape Game in Dusseldorf

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The classic genre of the game in reality. The team is locked in one or more rooms with the task of finding a way out before the hour is up. As the game progresses, the team finds clues, solves puzzles, and can also discover additional rooms.
Your Live Escape Game in Dusseldorf
Often, quests are equipped with colorful decorations, mechanical and electronic devices, as well as special effects for full immersion in the atmosphere of the game.
The plots of Quests in reality can be very different, from popular movies and computer games to completely unique author's scenarios.

In the course of the action, players will most often be required to work in a team, solve logical problems, and use dexterity and physical strength in conditions of time scarcity. Usually the quest in reality lasts 60-90 minutes, the number of players in the team varies from 1 to 5, in rare cases more.



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