Dota 2 Reddit – repository of the most important dota 2 subreddits

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Dota 2 Reddit – repository of the most important dota 2 subreddits
Choosing A Guide For The Hero.
There is a guide for each hero in the game. It specifies how to play, which skills to choose during the battle and in which direction to develop in general, depending on the goals. All manuals can be divided into 2 main types:The Dota Official knowledge base. Written by the game developers;
Custom. Created by other players based on their experience playing as a hero.
It is better to focus on user manuals. The fact is that the tutorials from the developers were compiled a long time ago and do not take into account all the changes that occurred after numerous updates.
Dota 2 Reddit – repository of the most important dota 2 subreddits ost-important-dota-2-subreddits/
You can choose the manual in the hero menu. It is recommended to do this before the fight (as, in fact, to familiarize yourself with the text). During the match, this will take precious minutes, which can be spent on more useful things for the team.
Search for a Game.
Before you start fighting with other players, it is recommended to play with bots. You can do this by setting the appropriate filters in the game search mode. The fact is that if you immediately go to a regular match, you will most likely become a burden for the team and cause a loss.dota game search
Play a few dozen matches against bots, choosing the side of light and darkness, learn the features of game mechanics and modes, get acquainted with the maps. After that, it will be possible to move on to the usual game. Thanks to this, you will know the basics and, at least, if you are still unable to properly resist the enemy, then at least you will understand how to act in general.



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